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Tips and Resources -Virtual Gatherings

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Methods of Connecting

  Here are some of the most commonly used video meeting platforms

Best Practices

 Before you meet

  • As organizer, become familiar with features of meeting app you use, and how features may enhance your experience depending on the platform. For example, if you wish to host an all Lagunita Mini-Reunion you might go with Zoom that enables breakout rooms and breakout by individual dorms (Adelfa, Eucalipto, Granada, Naranja, Ujamaa, etc.). Alternatively, Google Meet's free version has maximum of 100 participants and 1 hour maximum length.
  • Consider the ease of use and accessibility of it to your group members. 
  • Consider adding security to your gathering by adding a password. If you do add a password, be aware that some group members may need extra support signing into your online event.
  • Organizer should send an email invitation with the meeting link, date, time and details. A reminder email the day of or day before is also a good idea.
  • If meeting app has "participant instructions" be sure to send along with your invitation. Video tutorials on YouTube are very helpful.
  • Encourage group members to download the meeting app in advance to a device or computer with camera.
  • EXTRAS: Is it a cocktail party? Encourage your guests to prepare their drink in advance. Do you still have your dorm t-shirts that you can wear? Bring mementos to share on camera. Use Zoom background to enhance.

 During your meeting

  • Ask participants to keep their camera on and microphone muted unless they are speaking. Unmuted microphones can create distracting background noise.
  • Assure members the Mini-Reunion won't be recorded.
  • Set a beginning and ending time for the mini-reunion. The mini-reunion may run past your end time, but it gives people an opportunity to sign-off before the end, if needed.
  • Have fun! Let the technology enhance your experience, rather than detract from it.
  • Follow up, after the event, and thank your group members for attending.
  • Take a picture and send it to SAA at Let us know about your event.

Suggested Activities and Ideas

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