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Tips and Resources - In Person Gatherings

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Wondering where to host your Mini-Reunion? Review the .pdf documents below to begin planning your details.

On-Campus Locations

Consider using an on-campus Mini-Reunion location to host your gathering. There are over 25 to choose from and many are free if you don’t mind hosting outdoors. (e.g. the Oval Green)

View the on-campus location directory (pdf)

Off-Campus Locations

If you're feeling adventurous, search for an off-campus Mini-Reunion location to host your gathering.

View the off-campus location directory (pdf)

Using your Class Headquarters Location

If you don’t have the time to plan an off-campus or a specific on-campus gathering, hosting a Mini-Reunion at your Class Headquarters during the Friday Lunch or Saturday Tailgate are perfectly doable, and not to mention very convenient for your group members. Your Class Headquarter Tent is the same physical location as the Tailgate location, and Friday Lunch.

Local Palo Alto Information

Finally, consider researching the local area for possible Mini-Reunion locations: