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Trees of the Inner Quad with Sairus Patel ’91

Event Date: 
Saturday, October 23, 2021 - 9:00am to 10:00am
Do you know the only tree native to California planted in the Inner Quad? Hint: it is not the encina or roble. These eight planting circles are the closest we have to a curated arboretum at Stanford. Join Sairus Patel, ’91, on a tree tour of the Quad and environs. Learn the history of the plantings, connections that tie the Inner Quad to the Arizona Garden, which tree still stands from when the University opened its doors in 1891, and how to tell a California fan palm from a Mexican fan palm. Meet the trees mentioned in vivid scenes set in the Inner Quad in Richard Powers’ recent Pulitzer Prize winner The Overstory: bottle tree, jacaranda, floss silk tree. Participants will receive a printed tree map of the area.
Sairus Patel, ’91, affiliate with Stanford Land & Buildings Operations, is editor of the award-winning Trees of Stanford website. His guest lectures and tree tours for Stanford classes, dorms, and departments present the history of his alma mater through an arboreal lens.
Admission for Classes Without Quizzes and Tours is included in the daily and all-access passes.They are all first-come, first-served, please arrive early to guarantee a spot.Capacity: 40