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You Need a Manifesto: How to Craft Your Convictions and Put Them to Work

Charlotte Burgess-Auburn, director of community at the Stanford

Capacity: 60

Event Details:

Saturday, October 22, 2022
1:30pm - 2:30pm PDT


Building 550,, atrium

This event is open to:

All-Access Pass Holders
Saturday Day Pass Holders
Educational Pass Holders

A hands-on workshop used at the Stanford (aka the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design) to help you craft your convictions and put them to work. Step through a process of examining your values, finding inspiration in the work of others, and creating a guiding manifesto to help you navigate your work and life. Leave with a renewed sense of your purpose and goals. Capacity: first 60 participants.

Charlotte Burgess Auburn is a designer, artist, and educator. With a background in production for fine arts and theater and experience at the MIT Media Laboratory, she has been the Director of Community at the Stanford since 2005, where she also teaches classes on the role of self-awareness in creativity and design. Born in Rome, Italy to American and Dutch parents who are both teachers, Charlotte was raised in Massachusetts in a fully academic environment. She has a bachelor’s degree in Studio Art from Oberlin College, and a Master’s Degree in Art History from Tufts University. She has made a long career of being the designer, stage manager, and producer in rooms full of lead actors and directors, always cultivating the skill of translating intentions into action. You’ll mostly find her where the rubber meets the road.  

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Please visit Charlotte Burgess Auburn and the Stanford webpages to learn more. Learn more about Charlotte's book: You Need a Manifesto. Stay updated on the Stanford Twitter (@stanforddschool), Medium and Instagram


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