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Cryptocurrencies and Blockchains: the Good, the Bad, and the Future with Dan Boneh

Event Date: 
Thursday, October 21, 2021 - 3:30pm to 4:30pm
What are blockchains and what are they good for? Will they transform our financial world, leading to a more efficient and inclusive financial system? Or will they wither and die? This talk will survey how blockchains work and how they are used today. Come learn about the emerging blockchain industry, and perhaps by the end of the talk you, too, will want to join this dynamic ecosystem.
Dan Boneh, professor of computer science. Professor Boneh heads the applied cryptography group and co-directs the computer security lab. His research focuses on applications of cryptography to computer security. Professor Boneh’s work includes cryptosystems with novel properties, cryptography for blockchains, and cryptanalysis. He has authored over 150 publications in the field and has received the 2014 ACM prize, the 2013 Godel prize, and the RSA award in mathematics. In 2016, Professor Boneh was elected to the National Academy of Engineering. 
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